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The teaching section has the following activities available for users:

Courses developed (Creation of substantial materials for use as course content)

Courses taught  (Scheduled Teaching feed from Athena/Banner):  You cannot add new courses taught records, but you can add "Additional course characteristics" and "Pedagogical highlights" to existing records. See My Teaching Activities

Guest lectures: One or a series of lectures given as a guest in a course, whether at UGA or not. (For lectures not part of a formal course, use the Professional Activity Educational/Outreach presentations)

Programs developed: (Creation of major portions of entire program)


Table of Contents


Step 1: Go to Teaching activities

Use the menu to locate teaching

Step 2: Add new teaching activities

Click , then click the green + sign to open the activities menu.

Step 3: Add information and Save

Required fields are Fill in the required fields marked with an asterisk and save