How to manage delegates

You can delegate the rights to someone to add and edit your profile. This role is typically granted to an administrative assistant. Your school or college may have a policy about delegate assignments, so check with your  UGA Elements Administrative Liaisons.  If you do not see your Administrative Liaison listed, contact:

Step 1: Go to "Manage delegates" 

This is located under "My Account" in the Menu.

Step 2: Add delegate 

Use the Name search and click the blue "Add delegate" button to add. 

Note: If your staff delegate does not appear on the drop-down list, contact:  

Once the assignment is made, your delegate will  be able to log into the system using their own username and password to add/edit your activities. 

Step 3. Maintain & Remove delegates

If your delegate leaves your unit, you are responsible for removing them from this role.

Click the red "X" under "Delegates"  to delete a user from this role.  

Step 4: "Impersonate Another User"

If you have been granted the right to act as a delegate for another user, you will see the Impersonate Another User option in the header menu.

You will also see a listing of all users for whom you can act as a delegate. Unless you are an administrator for a large group, this will normally be only one or two other users. 

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