User Profile: Complete three narratives

Words entered into the text search field in Experts@UGA will be searched in publication titles, grant titles, and narratives that you create (as well as a few other fields). You can create three separate narratives:  Overview, Research interests, and Teaching summary. The Overview is meant to be more of a biographical sketch, while the other two are self-explanatory. These three narratives are created in your Elements profile and then appear in different Tabs on your Experts@UGA profile. It is well worth spending some time creating these using keywords that can be found in searches.

When you open your Elements Profile in Edit Mode, the Overview is the first field below your image and contact information

Click the Edit button at bottom right of this section to bring up a plain text box. You can use cut and paste or type directly into the text box.

When you are satisfied with the narrative, click the Save button below the text box.

This takes you back to your Profile in Edit mode; if you scroll down, you will see the other two narrative text boxes that can be edited the same way.

The Overview will appear at the top of the ABOUT Tab in your Experts@UGA profile (you can see an image in the User Profile:  Upload a Photograph article. The Research interests narrative will appear at the top of the SPONSORED PROJECTS Tab as RESEARCH INTERESTS …

… and the Teaching summary narrative will appear as the first section of the INSTRUCTION Tab as TEACHING INTERESTS.