User Profile: Add or correct other sections

There are many other sections in your UGA Elements Profile that you may want to include or correct. If there is no content in a given section, nothing will appear for that section when you view your Profile. You must be in Edit mode to see all possible sections. Some sections are marked by a padlock icon, meaning that you cannot edit them in UGA Elements. On the support site, you can get information about Correcting Data for those items. They include:  Phone numbers, UGA appointments, Education: Degrees, Mailing address.

All other sections are editable and you should consider whether completing these would make your Experts@UGA portal look more complete. Other articles in this collection have mentioned the most important:  Overview, Research interests, Teaching summary, photograph, Web addresses and social media, Fields of Research labels. We recommend you consider adding or improving other sections in the following order:

  • Education:  Postgraduate training

  • Education:  Certifications

  • Experience:  Academic appointments

  • Experience:  Non-academic employment

  • Language competencies

  • Media:  Videos (currently restricted to YouTube format)

Data in all sections of your UGA Elements Profile will appear in the ABOUT tab of your Experts@UGA profile.