Review private activity types and hide any specific objects

Objects in UGA Elements have privacy controls that can block these objects from being exported to Experts@UGA. Profile sections, objects, and relationships can all be set to have one of three access levels:  Private (only the user, collaborators, delegates, and certain administrator roles can see it); Internal (any UGA Elements user can see it); or Public (it can be exported to external systems, such as Experts@UGA, for public viewing).

At the system level, we have made informed decisions about entire activity types that are marked as “Internal” for all Experts@UGA profiles. This means that none of the objects that you have in those activity types in UGA Elements are exported. Consult the table in Activity types not exported to Experts@UGA for a list of those types.

For any of the activity types that the system has marked as Public, you have the ability to mark any specific object with another access level. For example, suppose you decide that a particular sponsored project award should not be published on your Experts@UGA profile. Once you find that award in your list, click on the icon just to the right of the “heart” icon (it is meant to look like a globe), and the following Privacy Settings control panel opens:

Choosing either INTERNAL or PRIVATE in the top row will block this object from appearing on your Experts@UGA profile. Setting this to INTERNAL will retain its visibility to other UGA Elements users as is currently the case.

The same functionality is available in all categories in Elements:  Scholarly & creative works; Sponsored projects; Professional activities; Instruction.