How do I edit the User profile?

Data from “authoritative” sources at UGA has been fed into UGA Elements. Since this is source data, it is locked from editing by the end user.  Refer to the Correcting Data page to locate the person who can help you correct this data. Other sections of the User profile can be manually added/edited in "Edit profile" mode.

  • You can access the User Profile page by clicking on the picture/icon from the Home page.
  • You can also access the User Profile from the Menu.  

You will default into view mode. Click "Edit profile" to view/edit sections only visible in the edit mode. Ex. Certifications if you have not entered any.

Profile Header

The Profile header shows the primary rank appointment of each faculty member, email and phone number. 

Rank Appointment

Your rank appointment comes from the faculty database and is locked from editing. If there is a problem with this information, contact UGA Elements 


Your email address is fed into Elements from Id Management in EITS. If your UGA email is incorrect, email EITS Help Desk with the request to correct your email address in IdM.

Phone number

Your phone number is fed into the system from HR. If there are errors, have the person in your unit who handles personnel records update this information. Each unit has its own HR representative, usually the business manager, who can work with you to have this information corrected.


You may need to update or add an "Overview" narrative. This section is visible by other UGA faculty when they search for a colleague.  This section could be useful in facilitating collaborations among faculty at UGA. 

To search for a UGA colleague, use the "Find a colleague" panel.


UGA Appointments 

These UGA appointments are fed into the system from the Faculty database and are locked from editing. If you find errors in your appointments, please contact: UGA Elements.

Center or Institute memberships/ Offices Held

Center/Institute affiliations are now tracked centrally in the Office of Research and should appear in the UGA Appointments section. Data on these appointments may be incomplete and will need to be corrected in the Unit management Database (UMD) system.

  • If you have incorrect start/end dates, please contact UGA Elements and we will update these.
  • If you are missing any Center, Institute, or group affiliations, please ask your director to follow these instructions for managing their membership list. Once this information is updated in the UMD system, it will be fed into UGA Elements.

Academic Appointments (Non-UGA)

Use this section for Non-UGA academic appointments. Do not use this section for UGA positions such as "Coordinator" positions. Instead, use Professional Activity type, "Administrative effort/supervision" for coordinator and other administrative duties not tracked centrally. 

Non-academic employment 

You can manually add/edit other, non-academic employment in this section.



Your obtained degrees are fed into the system from the Faculty database.  Please use this form to submit corrected information to the Office of Faculty Affairs:


You can add/edit certifications to this section. 

Post-graduate training 

You can add/edit post-graduate training (e.g., postdoc positions) in this section.

Language competencies 

You can manually add/edit languages and include competencies of: can read, can write, can speak, can understand spoken, can peer review. 


Mailing addresses

Your mailing address is fed into the system from the HR system. If there are mistakes, ask the person in your unit who completes your personnel form to update your information.

Web addresses

You can manually add/edit your web addresses.