Elements Activity Summary (EAS)

The Elements Activity Summary (EAS) is the report used in Faculty Annual evaluations.

School/College Reporting Requirements

The EAS does not weigh the relative value of activities. Interpretation of the data in EAS is the responsibility of unit leaders. Questions about specific reporting requirements for your unit/school/college should be determined by your unit head or dean. For example, you may need to report on more than one year of data for your annual evaluation.

The Elements Activity Summary (EAS) can be exported from the User Profile of UGA Elements. Go to the "CV and Reports" button to access this report.  Administrative users can pull reports for individual users by impersonating them. Currently, there is no way to run multiple reports (e.g., for a department) at one time. We have requested this feature from the vendor. 

Step 1:  Go to your User Profile page

Click on the CV and Reports button

Step 2: Specify a date range for the report and download

Most schools and colleges request one year of data for annual evaluations. If you don't know, ask your Unit Head. 

To select the year range for the report, add a start and end date and then download. 

Refer to the "Known Issues" guide under the Reporting section if you encounter problems with the EAS report.