Procedures for Review and Granting or Denying Access

A Data Steward will review access requests within 2 business days of receipt of a complete request and reply to requestor with: (a) granting access; (b) denying access; or (c) postponing decision for consultation with Data Trustee and/or UGA Elements Project Team. If (c), a final decision of (a) or (b) will be made within another 4 business days. Reporting access will be provided by the UGA Elements vendor (Symplectic) and may take another 2 business days after approval.

Access will be granted based on agreement with the legitimate business use of the data and compliance with all other requirements for access. Should a requestor wish to appeal a denial of access, s/he must submit an appeal in writing to the Data Trustee within 4 business days of the denial. The Data Trustee will confer with the Elements Project Team before rendering a decision.

Those granted access will be asked to sign a Terms of Use agreement prior to receiving access credentials.

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