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WorldCat is a database dedicated mostly to books. If you have mostly books, you will want to use this catalog system to locate your publications if you do not have them already saved in a citations database.

To download your monograph/book publications into Elements, you can use WorldCat in GALILEO.

Please follow the step-by-step guide to upload your citations from WorldCat into Element. 

Step-by-step guide

Table of Contents

Step 1: Search for citations

 Do a search for your name after choosing “Author” from the download menu.

Step 2: Choose relevant items


 When you find a publication you want to export to Elements add it to “My List”  (the button with the + sign).

Step 3: Choose for inclusion

Once you’ve added your citations to “My List,” click on “My List” link to view them all.  Then click on the button with the check mark and choose “Cite record.”

Step 4: Save file

Click on “Cite with Endnote.”  Save the .ris file (remember where!) and then log into Elements.

Step 5: Login to UGA Elements

After you are logged in, use the drop-down "Menu" to access the Import link.

Step 6: Import file

Click “Choose File” to upload the .ris file. (Ex. Unless you have specified otherwise, the  file will mostly likely be downloaded into your “Downloads Folder”) 
Next-make sure you check the button for Reference Manager/Endnote" file type, then click  the blue “Upload” button. 
The uploaded files will go directly to your "Mine folder", so you will need to review for accuracy.

Step 7: Review and Edit

Sometimes items are not categorized properly in the online database or manually entered by other faculty members, so you may need to change the activity type to another type. Ex. I wrote a book chapter, but it is typed it as a book. 

Use the pencil icon to change the type. Make sure you click "Save" to move the file to the other folder. 


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