User Profile: Upload a photograph

Your Experts@UGA profile will have more impact if your image is associated with it. To add or change your photograph, click on Manage photo in the current image (appears with your Profile in Edit mode). This brings up a tool for uploading then editing a photograph that you provide.

(If you already have a photo uploaded, this will display and allow you to replace or delete.) You can drag and drop an image or browse to find one; notice the supported formats. Once you have selected an image, you can adjust a square box to use to capture just the portion of the image you want to display; Elements shows you how it will display in both Elements and Experts@UGA.

Click Save and this photo will now display on your Elements Profile page, on the Elements home page (including the thumbnail), and on your Experts@UGA profile page:

(Disclaimer:  You should not claim to be someone you are not by uploading someone else’s image. Also please avoid cartoon images or other irrelevant images.)