My Grants

Elements populates information automatically for proposals, grants, and contracts, that are administered through Sponsored Projects Administration (SPA) on a nightly basis from the eResearch Portal. Therefore, if your grant or proposal exists in the eResearch Portal, it should exist in UGA Elements.This information is contained in objects of the Sponsored projects activity type. You cannot directly edit or add manual information to these objects. If you believe that data in these objects is incorrect, then you should contact your grants administrator in SPA  to determine whether it needs correction. If you have a grant or proposal that exists in the eResearch Portal, but is not in Elements, provide the unique ID (the FPID) from the portal so that we can troubleshoot. If you believe there are other errors with your Elements funding data, also provide us with the FPID from the eResearch Portal and describe explicitly what problem you see. 

Some proposals, grants, and contracts, are not handled through SPA and so they will not be pre-populated in UGA Elements. We have provided the Other funding activity type so that you can add information to your profile about these other grant activities. You will need to provide at least a Title, Funder, Status, Application Date, Funder Type (e.g., business, state, federal) and Funding Type (e.g., research, instruction).

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