Procedures to Request Access

Access requests may be submitted by the requestor, but must be supported and approved by the DDDS (Dean, Director, Department Head, or Supervisor) of the requestor's unit. Use the UGA Elements Data Access Request Form.

Your request must contain:

  • Name, title, affiliation, MyID, email address of Requestor
  • Name, title, affiliation, MyID, email address of DDDS (if different)
  • Type of access requested (Reporting / Systems Integration)
  • Agreement that you, or your technical team, meets the technical requirements
  • Effective dates of access (1 year or less; access must be renewed annually)
  • Type of UGA Elements data to be accessed
  • Description of legitimate business use of UGA Elements data
  • If a research project involving survey research, statement of IRB certification or irrelevance
  • Copy of FERPA Certification (successful completion of Tutorial and Quiz within past year) for Requestor 
  • Statement of support from DDDS, accepting responsibility for resulting use of the data

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