Technical Requirements for UGA Elements Data Access

Access granted to UGA Elements data can be either Reporting access or Systems Integration access; both are defined below. OFA asks for confirmation that requestors, or their teams, have the technical expertise to take advantage of the type of access granted.

Reporting Access

Reporting access is read-only access to the UGA Elements Reporting Database, hosted by Symplectic on AWS

Technical Knowledge Required

  • Expert-level SQL query and report writing skills

  • Experience with either SQL Server Management Studios, SQL Server Reporting Services, or other SQL Compliant Reporting Tools (Crystal Reports, etc.)


  • SQL Connection String

  • SQL Credentials 

Tools Suggested

PC: SQL Server Management Studio
Mac Alternative: SQL Pro for MSSQL


PC: Microsoft® SQL Server® 2016 Report Builder


PC: Visual Studio
Mac Alternative:  Visual Studio Code

Systems Integration Access

Systems Integration access is read-only access to the Elements transactional database provided through the Elements API.

Technical Knowledge Required

  • Working knowledge and experience with XML Parsing using XPath methodology or equivalent
  • Proficiency in some programming language


  • API Credentials
  • API Description

Tools Suggested
There are no special tools required for API access. It is up to the developer what tool is used to write code to interact with the API. Access requires signed agreement to specified terms of use, especially with regard to limiting API utilization to off hours.