Add "Other funding" activities

Some proposals, grants, and contracts are not handled through Sponsored Projects Administration (SPA) and so they will not be pre-populated in UGA Elements. Please use the "Other funding" manual section to capture these grants. You will need to provide at least a Title, Funder, Status, Application Date, Funder Type (e.g., business, state, federal) and Funding Type (e.g., research, instruction).

Note: Please do not use "Other funding" for submitted grant proposals not yet fed from the Office of Research. Doing so will prevent accurate reporting in your annual summary.

Follow these steps to add other funding.

Step 1: Use the menu to locate grants

Click the + sign to view drop-down menu.

Step 2: Add details

Enter information about the funding. Asterisks mark the required fields.

You must select at least one relationship below:

Step 3: Save

Click  the blue "Save" button to save new grant.

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