Bring publications up to date

It is worth the time to make sure your publication record in UGA Elements properly reflects your scholarly outputs. In some disciplines (e.g., STEM), the coverage of public and subscription databases is strong and the search engine built into Elements (the synchronizer) will do a pretty good job of finding your publications and asking you to claim them. In other disciplines (e.g., humanities, fine arts), the coverage is not as good.

In any case, the synchronizer will not find all your publications. To add the remaining ones, you should depend on the publication import tool in UGA Elements. Only in rare, “last resort” cases, should you key in manually publication metadata.

Experts@UGA will only import claimed publications, so be sure you have gone through any publications in your PENDING folder to either claim them as yours or reject them as not yours. To see your folders, on your UGA Elements home page, click on VIEW ALL at the bottom of the Scholarly & creative works panel:

If the number in the PENDING folder tab is not 0, click that tab and review your pending publications, claiming the ones that you co-authored.

If your publication list is incomplete, there is a lot you can do to bring it up to date. A number of articles in the Elements support site describe how to get there. Below is a list of the most useful articles/videos to help you get started:

(These are just the most commonly used items; the My Publications section of the support site has more.)