How to merge publication records

If you find duplicate publication records, you can merge them using the work space rather than deleting a record.

Follow these steps below.

Step 1: Select the records to merge

Click the check box next to each record, then check the green work space icon  for each record. 

This will move the duplicates to the Work space so that you can merge them.


Step 2:  Go to the Work space 

In the top header bar, you will find the Work space icon with the number of records available to merge.


Step 3:  Click the button to open work space

Then select the duplicate records, then click "Join" the records. This will merge the records. 

Step 4: Review your work

Go to My publications and click on the title of the publication you just merged to open. 

Then open the data sources tab to view all records for this publication. 

Step 5: Choose your preferred record

Click the star next to the record you want to display in your profile.