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This is a guide to help you determine what fits in each category of each activity type. The activity types below are meant to capture all activities relevant to UGA faculty members. Requests for new activity types should be made through your unit's Administrative Liaison.

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Publication/Scholarly Work Type

Examples of items that fit this category


Published summary of a talk, poster, or other contribution, usually at a meeting


Published book (relationship = author of, editor of, contributor to, translator of)

Book reviewPublished review of a book written by another author


Collection of exhibited works


Contribution in a book or collection


Published musical compositions


Artistic contributions in the area of dance (e.g., performance, choreography)


Published datasets


Artistic contributions in the area of design (e.g., print, fashion, landscape architecture, interior, planning)

Encyclopedia article

Entry written for inclusion in an encyclopedia

Exhibited art

Artistic contributions in the area of exhibited art (e.g., painting, sculpture, other media)

FAR export

Clearinghouse for FAR pubs that defied classification (user should redefine type)-these activities should be moved to other types. This is only a temporary holding place.


Artistic contributions in the area of film, video, or other media

Instructional materialDevelopment of Lab manuals, Instructor's manuals, Study guides, and Training materials

Internet publication

Published work online that does not fall under other publication categories such as journals

Journal article

Published work in a periodical

A non-serial, specialist work of writing on a single subject typically written by one author. Monographs are often presented at great length which distinguishes them from journal articles. In biological taxonomy, a monograph is a comprehensive treatment of a taxon. Art monographs consist of reproductions of works of art by a single artist. Drug monographs consists of standards that describe a finished drug, drug ingredient, or food chemical.


Artistic contributions in the area of music (e.g., performance, direction, composition)


Published patents from database searches (UGA IP in Technology Commercialization)

Performance art

Artistic contributions in the area of performance art (e.g., in gallery)

Popular press

Published work in newspaper, magazine, newsletter, or other non-academic or non-scholarly medium


Poster presented at scholarly/professional meeting/conference

Proceedings of conference (published)Published proceedings of a conference presentation

Professional/Scholarly presentation (unpublished)

Presenter at a seminar or conference on research or scholarly work

Recognition/Reproduction of my workPublished recognition or reproduction of original work


Published reports, scholarly, research, or technical

Review of my workPublished review of original work


Published programs/apps (research, teaching, scholarship)


Artistic contributions in the area of theatre (e.g., production, direction, performance)


Authored thesis or dissertation

Visual designCreation of design work
Working paper

A preliminary scientific paper to share ideas about a topic that may be cited as peer-reviewed

Teaching Activities

Teaching Activity Type

Examples of items that fit this category

Course developed

Development of substantial materials for use as course content

Course taught

Formal courses taught at UGA (from Athena); additional fields to enter Additional course characteristics and Pedagogical highlights.

Non-UGA course taught

Formal course taught elsewhere, either prior to or during UGA employment

Guest teaching

Participation in a course, whether at UGA or not. (If not part of a formal course, use the Professional Activity Educational/Outreach presentations). Types of involvement include: (critic, curator, lecturer, observer, panelist, reviewer, speaker, workshop leader)

Program developed

Develop major portions of an entire program

Student academic advisingAdvising students toward degree objectives, course selection, and program of study

Student/Postdoc supervision

Supervision of graduate students and trainees participating in thesis and doctoral committees, engaged in formal supervised research, scholarship, creative and teaching activities, or participating in an internship

TutoringTutoring pre-collegiate to professional students


Grant Activity TypeExamples of items that fit this category

Sponsored project

Sponsored activities through the Sponsored Projects Administration (SPA) (from authoritative source)

Other funding

Additional sponsored activities not managed by Sponsored Projects Administration (SPA)

Foundation/Endowment gift/income

Gift and other (various) income held mostly in foundation accounts and tracked through eResearch Portal in Office of Research. This revenue is not normally considered sponsored funding.

Professional Activities

Professional Activity TypeExamples of items that fit this category

Administrative effort

Serve as an administrator with a formal administrative assignment (Heads, Deans, Directors, Chairs, Clinical administrators, Co-administrators and Coordinators)

Broadcast interview

Participate as an interviewee or interviewer for TV, online content, etc.

Clinical service

Provide clinical services in various settings, such as health center, veterinary clinic, pharmaceutical consultation, psychology clinic

Congressional testimony

Testify at congressional hearing, panel, etc.


Provide advisory or consulting services to outside group/agency/government/company


Recipient of an award, honor, title at various levels of recognition


Service as editor of journal, book series, popular press over an extended period

Educational event

Serve as a leader or participant in a non-coursework related educational event

Educational/Outreach presentation

Conduct a presentation/lecture as outreach/public service to schools, governments, civic groups, etc. (For guest lectures in formal courses, use the Teaching Activity "Guest teaching")

Employee supervision

Supervise non-student employees (staff) as part of professional duties

Event administration

Participate as an event organizer, coordinator, chair, committee member

Event judging

Participate as a judge or referee for event

Event participation

Participate in an event, without taking administrative role

Expert witness

Provide expert testimony at trial, agency review, etc.

Extracurricular advising/mentoringParticipate in Career/Club advising, Coaching, Informal mentoring or Informal research advising, etc.

Gift & fund development

Participate in donor fundraising activity

Institution/Program review

Participate in assessment, review, accreditation of a department, program, or an entire institution

Legal briefParticipate in drafting or arguing an appellate legal brief
Library/Archive/Museum servicesParticipate in a number of service activities as faculty in UGA Libraries and the Georgia Museum of Art

Marketing/Public relations

Design/create materials for marketing and/or PR

Membership: Association/Society/Club

Membership in a professional association, society, group, or club

Membership: Board

Membership on a board (advisory, executive, etc.)

Membership: Committee

Membership on a committee at multiple levels (department to international)

Media distribution

Disseminate materials regarding programs, initiatives, services, etc.

Print interview

Participate as an interviewee or interviewer for a magazine, newspaper, journal, etc.

Professional development

Participate in activity for the purpose of your own professional development. Ex of Activity types: Conference; Continuing Ed Program; Educational/Professional leave; Fellowship; Internship; Self-study program; Seminar; Tutorial; Workshop; Other

Professional mentoring (non-student)

Mentor non-student professional (e.g., new faculty on sabbatical with you, business colleague)

Project (e.g., applied research/instructional initiatives)

Provide professional effort toward a specific project

Promotion/tenure assessment

Conduct a review and assessment of faculty for promotion/tenure at UGA or elsewhere


Participate in recruiting at various levels (volunteers, students, faculty, staff, etc.)

Reviewing/Refereeing: Conference

Serve as a reviewer or referee for a conference or conference prospectus

Reviewing/Refereeing: Curriculum

Serve as a reviewer or referee for a curriculum or curriculum proposal

Reviewing/refereeing: Grant

Participate on review panel, study section, advisory group to evaluate grant proposals

Reviewing/Refereeing: Journal

Act as reviewer/referee of submissions to a journal/periodical

Reviewing/Refereeing: Manuscript (other than journal)

Act as reviewer/referee of manuscripts (other than journals) (e.g., for a scholarly press)

Technical assistance

Provide expert assistance to clients (e.g., through extension, outreach)

Technology commercialization (ON HOLD)

Work with UGA Innovation Gateway on development of intellectual property (e.g., licensing, patents, etc.)

Workload summary

Effort (in EFT) in various areas (instruction, research, etc.) assigned to various units for each FY (from authoritative source)

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